The importance of accounting records in companies

Accounting is a fundamental tool for companies since it allows for recording, classifying, interpreting and presenting financial information orderly and systematic. The accounting record is essential because it enables companies to control their financial transactions precisely, which helps them make strategic decisions based on reliable and timely information.

Next, we explain some of the reasons why accounting record is essential for companies:


 Legal Compliance: Businesses are required by law to keep accurate and complete accounting records of their financial transactions. It’s essential to ensure transparency and accountability to tax authorities and investors.

Decision making: The accounting record is essential for making strategic company decisions. By knowing the company’s financial situation, managers can make informed decisions about investments, financing, and acquisitions.

Problem Identification: Accounting allows businesses to identify financial problems early and take steps to fix them. For example, if the company is experiencing a decline in sales, the accounting record can help identify the cause and take steps to correct it.

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Performance evaluation: The accounting record allows companies to evaluate their financial performance over time. By comparing financial statements from different periods, managers can assess whether the company is growing, holding steady, or declining.

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ORBE has a team of accounting experts who can help investors better understand a company’s financial situation. By reviewing a company’s accounting records, ORBE can assess its ability to generate profits, financial solvency, and ability to pay debts, among other factors. In addition, ORBE provides recommendations and advice to investors on interpreting a company’s financial statements and making informed decisions about their investments.